Custom Litho Laminated Corrugated Boxes

Do you have a product that is too large or heavy for a chipboard box, but needs custom packaging with full print and finish options? A custom Litho laminated corrugated box is the custom packaging solution you may be looking for. A corrugated box alone is limited in printing options. Most printers are best suited for 1-3 colours without an added finish or coating. A custom Litho laminated wrapped box is a perfect way to make corrugated elegant and stylish.

When customizing a corrugated box with detailed artwork, a custom Litho laminated is used. A Litho laminated can be thought of as a poster that is printed and laminated onto corrugated material. This opens up a full range of custom print and finishing options. Custom Litho labels can have photo quality graphics with a full range of colours. The sharp printing is ideal for artwork that is very detailed or text heavy. All finishes such as Spot UV, Foils, Gloss and Soft Touch coatings become viable for production. These options elevate your packaging so the attention is drawn to your products in a retail environment.

A custom Litho laminated corrugated box can also give you the protection your product needs. The corrugated material can be made in a range of thicknesses and strengths that help contain the weight, or other variables like sharp edges, of your product. This type of packaging is more catered to use in a retail environment or direct to customers. It is not recommended to use this custom Litho laminated corrugated box as a final shipping box.