Custom flexible packaging includes all types of bags, pouches, shrink sleeves, and more. It can be used for a multitude of applications and a wide array of industries. Custom flexible packaging ranges from converted finished bags to shrink sleeves that either come on a roll for automatic processing at your facility or in a form which you would fill individually. From powders to creams, to energy shots and food, there is a flexible packaging option that is perfect for you.

At HiTech Packaging, we can help with any custom flexible packaging project. Not only is flexible packaging a great way to display your product, but it also helps keep product fresh and can extend shelf life based on the different film combinations available. Our printing methods vary from digital printing for smaller runs to making printing plates for larger more continuous running items.

If your product is affected by light, a foil bag is probably the best barrier option available. Is it important that your product be seen? Maybe a printed pouch with a clear window is a better fit. Does your custom shrink sleeve need a perforation for ease of opening? Your choices are to make individual shrink sleeves or to use film on a roll and have the automated machinery add perforation into the packaging. Point being, no matter what your product is and what unique aspect is needed for your products, flexible packaging is a great way to go.

With the numerous variations in custom flexible packaging available, let the HiTech Packaging team match your product with the ideal solution to get your product in your target markets hands. See below for a few of the commonly used options we make to suit your needs.