Usually made of paper, paper laminates, or plastic film with or without a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. Labels can be fully wrapped or die-cut to many different shapes to complement a structure. Hitech Packaging offers blank and custom printed roll labels to best meet your labelling needs. Most customers order roll labels because this format is easier to dispense and most machine label applicators require rolls.

When you order labels from Hitech Packaging, you’re not only guaranteed a high-quality print job, but you’re also given freedom to take your label design in any direction you choose – with our variety of materials and printing options, your roll labels will come out exactly as you wish. Our wide selection of label materials will help you achieve the right look and feel for your custom printed labels.

Common Label Materials

Semi-Gloss Labels

A semi-gloss label material is like a canvas that can be transformed into anything you want. Vibrant colours and crisp text are easy to achieve on white labels because of its glossy coating. We offer a variety of customizations to make glossy white labels stand out and attract attention.

Matte Labels

Matte labels have a flat, soft appearance which makes them great for achieving a more elegant, natural look. Matte labels can be applied to different types of packaging like glass bottles, jars, cardboard boxes, and more.

Silver Foil Labels

Silver foil labels are made of metalized paper material with a permanent adhesive, and comes in a gold metallic finish as well.

Clear Labels

Clear Labels create a smooth “no label” look that makes it easy to show off unique product content and layout, bold colours and artwork. They are very water-resistant and are a popular alternative to screen printing. They are a popular choice for food, cosmetic, beverage, personal care and beauty products.

Water Resistant or Weatherproof Labels

If your labels need to stand up to liquids or sun, we offer UV lamination to handle those tough conditions.