Have you ever had your product damaged in transit?

Hi Tech Packaging designs custom corrugated boxes tailored to the specifics of your product to maintain product protection in transit. If you are unfamiliar with this material, think of the brown boxes you use when moving, or the boxes your Amazon and all E-commerce products get delivered in. Custom corrugated boxes are made in a much thicker, and stronger material than custom chipboard boxes which makes them viable for heavier products. They also provide much more burst or puncture protection that you will need as your product makes way to its end destination. Sometimes creating a custom box in a more effective size is not enough to protect the product properly. Our designers can also create custom corrugated inserts to keep your product in place or present your product nicely within the outer packaging for the end-user.

With so many stock corrugated options out there, why do I need a custom corrugated box?

Buying stock boxes can be a quick and simple process. That is until your product(s) arrive at the end-user damaged or a jumbled mess. This may end up causing your company more money in the long run! Custom corrugated boxes are tailored to your product, and our structural designers take a multitude of factors into account all the way through to delivery.

How is your product shipping?

A package going through a shipping service like UPS will need different adaptations than a package shipping on a freight truck. Custom corrugated inserts can be designed for extra protection or a better presentation for the end-user. Who are the boxes shipping to? Your company, a co-packer, or the end-user will have different needs for effective delivery. If the boxes are going to be stacked, you may need a corrugated material with added burst strength to mitigate that. The size of the box may need to be adjusted if it will be loaded onto a pallet for more efficiency. You may be surprised by the amount of money that can be saved by shipping a pallet of corrugated boxes with minimal wasted space!

Custom corrugated boxes allow you to print any branding or necessary information to help identify the product or brand. Custom printing can be as simple as a logo and basic product information, or as complex as full coverage. Printing corrugated boxes do have its graphic limitations so it is best to consult one of our project managers to see if your concept is viable.

Our structural and graphic designers can work with you to come up with a custom corrugated box design that takes your product to the next level! You may have a product that isn’t ideal for corrugated box packaging alone. Check out our custom Litho label corrugated boxes to see if this sounds like something that will work better for you instead!